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Tiny Tots Lessons

Suitable for 3 - 6 year olds. The lessons are available in 30-60 minute slots and include equipment fitting.

Beginner Lessons

Price: £26.25/30mins (£5 per extra child) 

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The Tiny Tot Beginner Sessions are for complete beginners or those who have tried skiing a few times and include:

  • learning to move around on skis

  • learning how to slide down the hill with straight skis

  • playing lots of games


Intermediate Lessons

Price: £26.25/30mins (£5 per extra child)

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During the hour long sessions your Tot will:

  • Learn to change direction to the left

  • Learn to change direction to the right

  • Ski through cones while turning to the left and right

Advanced Lessons

Price: £26.25/30mins (£5 per extra child) plus booking fee

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Pre Requisites: Turning confidently and controlling speed on the beginner slope.

After you have finished beginner and intermediate lessons, you then have access to the Tiny Tot Advanced Sessions which aim to introduce little ones to the big slope and the tow.


**If you can find 3 or 4 little ones, we'll happily organise a block of lessons for you. Get in touch for more details.**

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